Monday, August 26, 2019

Practical Biology

Monday 8/26: Introduction/ Paper folding Lab/ Ch 1 Notes
Tuesday 8/27: Lesson 1 notes/ experimental design
Wednesday 8/28: IV DV Paper/ Quiz thursday
Thursday 8/29: Quiz/ Mealworm lab
Friday 8/30: No class

Tuesday 9/3: Continue mealworm lab
Wednesday 9/4: Living non living inquiry lab. Properties of life notes
Thursday 9/5: Water notes
Friday 9/6: Water Notes/ Lab

Monday 9/9: What is water packet
Tuesday 9/10: Water lab/Reading
Wednesday 9/11: Macromolecule notes/ Exit ticket
Thursday 9/12: Macromolecule notes/ Organizer
Friday 9/13: Marcomolecule readings

Monday 9/16: Finish readings/ Biomolecule Sidewalk chalk
Tuesday 9/17: Chemical indicators PPT/ Meal and a murder/ Exit ticket
Wednesday 9/18: Finish meal and a murder
Thursday 9/19: Test Review/ POGIL
Friday 9/20: Test

Monday 9/23: Enzymes Notes
Tuesday 9/24: Enzyme Lab/ Handout
Wednesday 9/25: CDT
Thursday 9/26: Enzyme Reading/ Exit Ticket
Friday 9/27: Enzyme Quiz/ Begin Cell structure and Function

Monday 9/30: Microscope lab
Tuesday 10/1: Finish cells notes/ Cells reading
Wednesday 10/2: Cell drawings/ Cell reading
Thursday 10/3: Cell reading/ Review
Friday 10/4: Cells Pogil/Quiz Monday

Monday 10/7: Cell quiz. Cell transport notes
Tuesday 10/8: Cell transport POGIL
Wednesday 10/9: Notes
Thursday 10/10: Osmosis Lab
Friday 10/11: Notes/ Bell Ringer

Tuesday 10/15: Second Part of Osmosis lab/ Finish Notes/ Test Friday/ Cell transport graphic organizer
Wednesday 10/16: Complete osmosis lab and questions/ Diffusion practice/Test Friday
Thursday 10/17: Review/ Blood cell sheet/ Test Tomorrow
Friday 10/18: Test/ New notes

AP Environmental

Monday 8/26: Tragedy of the commons reading. Homework: Summarize and explain in your own words how this pertains to today's society.
 Tuesday 8/27: Break out
Wednesday 8/28: Tragedy of the commons hand in. Bio-bottle intro
Flipped notes intro
Thursday 8/29: Explore Collegeboard site/ Continue bio bottle discussion and design
Friday 8/30: Flipped notes due.

Tuesday 9/3: Designs due tomorrow, Test tomorrow, CB assignment due tomorrow
Wednesday 9/4: Test/ Begin getting supplies for bottle
Thursday 9/5: Math practice/ New flipped
Friday 9/6: Begin bottle assembly/ Flipped due Weds/ Ch 2 SG due Thurs/ Test Fri.

Monday 9/9: Mapping
Tuesday 9/10: Mapping
Wednesday 9/11: Finish Mapping/ Flipped due
Thursday 9/12: Review
Friday 9/13: SG Due Test Monday

Monday 9/16: Test
Tuesday 9/17: Cane Toads
Wednesday 9/18:CH. 3 Begin start flipped (Due Friday)
Thursday 9/19: Ch. 3 Notes
Friday 9/20: Ch. 3 Notes/ Flipped Due

 Monday 9/23: Don't panic finish
Tuesday 9/24: Lecture/ Study Guide
Wednesday: 9/25: Finish Lecture/ Human Pop and and Environmental Problem/ Test Monday
Thursday 9/26: Population Distribution/ SG
Friday 9/27: Human Population Changes in Survival/ SG review. Test Monday

Monday 9/30: Test
Tuesday 10/1: Moth Tick acorn
Wednesday 10/2: Ch. 4 flipped/Notes Due Monday
Thursday:Ch. 4 Notes
Friday: Ch. 4 noted/sg

Monday 10/7: Notes
Tuesday 10/8: Study Guide
Wednesday 10/9: Count and sort trout
Thursday 10/10: Remove dead trout. First water quality test/ Notes
Friday 10/11: Notes: Test Next Friday

Tuesday 10/15: Finish notes/ Climatogram activity
Wednesday 10/16: Finish climatogram/ Study Guide/ Test Monday
Thursday 10/17: Nitrogen Lab
Friday 10/18: SG Review/ Test Monday

Environmental Science

Monday 8/26: Welcome back! As discussed today, you will need an 1 1/2 binder. If not possible, I can provide one.
Tuesday 8/27: Breakout
Wednesday 8/28: Chapter 1 Vocabulary
Thursday 8/29: Unnatural Nature hike
Friday 8/30: Ch. 1 Notes

Tuesday 9/3: Ch. 1 Notes/ SG. Test Friday. SG due thursday/HW due Friday
Wednesday 9/4: Finish Ch 1/ Finish SG
Thursday 9/5: SG Due and checked. SG Review. Test tomorrow
Friday 9/6: Ch 1 Test/ Ch 2 Vocab

Monday 9/9: Ch. 2 Vocaab
Tuesday 9/10: Finish Rise of ecology
Wednesday 9/11: Ch. 2 Notes
Thursday 9/12: Ch. 2 Notes
Friday 9/13: Oh DEER!

Monday 9/16: Food chain/web Activity/ Test Monday/ Study Guide due Friday
Tuesday 9/17: CH. 2 Notes/ Food Web Lab
Wednesday 9/18: Predator/ Prey Lab
Thursday 9/19: Finish ch. 2 Notes/ SG Due tomorrow
Friday 9/20: SG Due Test Monday

Monday 9/23: Test/ Ch. 3 Vocab
Tuesday 9/24: Ch. 3 Vocab check/ Ch. 3 Notes
Wednesday 9/25: Ch. 3 Notes
Thursday 9/26: Ch. 3 Notes/Succession Packet'
Friday 9/27: 50 TTSE

Monday 9/30: Ch. 3 Notes/ Succession packet
Tuesday 10/1: Racing Extinction
Wednesday 10/2: Finish notes
Thursday 10/3: Woodlot calculations
Friday 10/4: Wood lot calculations/ Tree project

Monday 10/7: Study Guide check and review
Tuesday 10/8: Study/HW
Wednesday 10/9: Test/ Ch. 4 vocab
Thursday 10/10: The way of the trout (WE GOT OUR EGSS IN!!!)
Friday 10/11: Complete Ch. 4 vocab. Receive Ch. 4 materials

Tuesday 10/15: Get tests back/ Get ch. 4 materials/ Ch. 4 intro discussion
Wednesday 10/16: CH. 4 Notes
Thursday 10/17: Ch. 4 notes/ Nitrogen cycle lab begin
Friday 10/18: 50 things