Monday, January 23, 2017

Vo-Tech Environmental Science

Week 1( 1/23-1/27)
Monday: Bell ringer/ Section 1 Mid section review q's #1-5
               Section 2 Skeleton notes
Tuesday: Bell ringer/ Section 2 Notes/ P. 12 Case study and critical thinking q's (#1-2)
Wednesday: Section 2 notes/ Section 1 Review #1-6/ Vocabulary
Thursday: Bell Ringer/ Finish section 2 notes/ Section 1 Quiz/ Tragedy of the commons lab
Friday: Bell ringer/ Section 2 quiz/ Chapter 1 review/ Test Tuesday

Week 2: (1/30-2/3)
Monday: Active reading/ Study guide completion
Tuesday: Snow day/ Test moved to Thursday
Wednesday: Study guide completion/ Review of concept review
Thursday: Test on CH. 1/ Begin Ch. 2
Friday: Bell Ringer/ Chapter 2 notes/ Study guide/ Concept review

Week 3: (2/6-2/10)
Monday: Finish Chapter 2 Notes/ Concept Review Sheet/ Section 1 Quiz tomorrow
Tuesday: Section 1 Quiz/ Ch. 2 Vocabulary/ Simpsons Scientific method lab/ Section 2 Quiz tom
Wednesday: section 2 Quiz/ Spongebob scientific method lab
Thursday: Section 3 Quiz/ M&M scientific method lab
Friday: Paper airplane scientific method lab

Week 4: (2/13-2/16)
Monday: Bell Ringer #11/ Complete Simpsons Exp. WS (Test Thursday)
Tuesday: Review # 5 on Simpsons WS/ Critical Thinking WS/ Spongebob lab (Test Thursday)
Wednesday: Finish spongebob lab/ Test Review/ Test Tomorrow(Extra credit to see who reads this! Tell me what the purpose of an experiment is)
Thursday: Test

Week 5: (2/21-2/24)

Tuesday: Great Backyard bird count/ Vocabulary/ Chapter 4 Notes/ Test Next Wednesday
Wednesday: Chapter 4 Notes/ Work on Study guide/ Quiz (Ecosystems: Everything is connected)
Thursday: Chapter 4 Notes/ Work on Study Guide/ Critical thinking handout
Friday: Chapter 4 Notes/ Darwin Video and Questions

Week 6:(2/27-3/3)
Monday:Chapter 4 Notes/  Study Guide/ Concept review (Quiz The diversity of life)
Tuesday: Chapter 4 Notes/ Complete Study guide/ Study guide review
Wednesday: Test on Chapter 4/ Begin Chapter 5
Thursday:Chapter 5 Notes/ Work on Study guide
Friday:Chapter 5 Notes/ Work on Study Guide/ Critical thinking handout

Week 7: (3/6-3/10)
Monday: WebQuest Ch. 5 Notes
Tuesday: Bell Ringer/ Ch. 5 Notes/ Quiz (Energy Flow in Ecosystems) / Active reading
Wednesday: Bell ringer/ Ecosystem Posters due and presentations/ Ch. 5 Notes
Thursday: Bell ringer/ Ch. 5 Notes/ Quiz (Cycling of materials)/ What's for dinner lab
Friday: Bell ringer/ Ch. 5 Notes/ Food web building (group) and critical thinking along with discussion

Week 8: (3/13-3/17)
Monday: Use this link for Web Quest:

Week 9: (3/20-3/24)
Monday: Finish webquest/ Food web group work/ Quiz/ Test tomorrow
Tuesday: Test/ Begin Chapter 8
Wednesday: Chapter 8 Notes/ Study guide
Thursday: Chapter 8 notes/ Populations lab
Friday: Racing Extinction

Week 10: (3/27-3/31)
Monday: Finish Ch. 8 Notes/ Quiz/ Critical thinking/ Test Thursday
Tuesday: Quiz/ Active reading/ Which Symbiosis is it? Study guide
Wednesday: Study guide/  Make up day
Thursday: Test/ Chapter 10 Vocab/ Notes
Friday: Chapter 10 Notes/ Water filtration lab

Week 11 (4/3-4/7)
Monday: Least wanted species poster
Tuesday: Least wanted species poster due by end of 8th pd
Wednesday: Chapter 10 notes/ Critical thinking/ Active reading
Thursday: Chapter 10 notes/ Quiz/ Test prep Q's
Friday: Webquest

Week 12: (4/10-4/13)
Monday: Ch. 10 Notes/ Gasland
Tuesday: Ch. 10 notes/ Quiz/ Active reading/ Test Thursday
Wednesday: Ch. 10 notes/ Quiz/  Test prep q's
Thursday: Test

Week 13: (4/17-4/21)
Monday: chapter 11 vocabulary
Tuesday: Chapter 11 Notes/ Active reading
Wednesday: What is a watershed webquest
Thursday: Chapter 11 notes/Quiz
Friday: Ch. 11 notes/ Planting

Week 14: (4/24-4/28)
Monday: Finish Projects
Tuesday: Pollution Case Studies/ Test Friday
Wednesday: Project presentations
Thursday: Notes/Case studies/ Quiz
Friday: Study Guide

Week 15: (5/1-5/5)
Monday: finish Notes/study guide test
Tuesday: Case Stady
Wednesday: Begin Chapter 12 (Air)
Thursday:Chapter 12 Notes (Study Guide)
Friday: Planting

Week 16: (5/8-5/12)
Monday: Video with quiz
Tuesday: Finish Chapter 12 and Tickets out the door
Wednesday: Chapter 12 Test/ Begin Chapter 13
Thursday: Chapter 13 Notes/ Study Guide
Friday:Chapter 13 Notes/ Study Guide

Week 17: (5/15-5/19)
Monday: 11th Hour Worksheet
Tuesday: Global warming video and worksheet
Wednesday: Chapter 13 Notes/ Study Guide
Thursday: Test/ Chapter 14 Vocab
Friday: Chapter 14 notes/ Study Guide

Week 18: (5/22-5/26)
Monday: No class
Tuesday: Study Guide
Wednesday: Study Guide
Thursday: Final
Friday: Final Make-ups/ Extended time

Week 19: (5/30-5/31)
Tuesday: Macro-invertebrate lab
Wednesday: Complete macro-invertebrate lab. Have a nice summer

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Academic Earth Science

Welcome Back!

Week 1:
                Classroom Rules and Expectations (return by end of week)
                Begin Chapter 1 "What is Earth Science"
                Careers in Earth Science Handout

Week 2: Chapter 1 Notes continued
              Map labeling
              Quiz Friday
              Test on Chapter 1 Tuesday Sep. 13

Week 3: Ch. 1 Test Review
              Ch. 1 Test Tuesday
              Begin Ch. 2 Rocks and Minerals

Week 4 (9/19-9/23): Rocks and Minerals Notes and Handouts
              Minerals Of PA (Monday)
              Minerals Notes (Tuesday)
              Mineral Mania (Wednesday)
              Mineral Mania (Thursday)
              Mineral lab/poster (Friday)

Week 5:(9/26-9/30) Progress Reports/ Test Thursday
               Monday: Minerals study Guide
               Tuesday: Minerals Study Guide review
               Wednesday: Tell me a fun fact when you walk into class for bonus points on your                      test
               Thursday: Test Day (Minerals)
               Friday: New Unit (Rock Cycle)

Week 6: (10/3- 10/7) 
              Monday: Rock Cycle Video segment/Notes
              Tuesday: Rock Cycle Notes/ Board Builder to display rock cycle
              Wednesday: Rock Cycle Notes/ Board Builder to display rock cycle
               Thursday:Rock Cycle Notes/ Board Builder to display rock cycle
               Friday: Board Builder Presentations

Week 7: (10/10-10/14) 
              Monday: No school
              Tuesday: Rock cycle notes/Rock lab
              Wednesday: Data delay/ Rock cycle lab/ Work on Comic Strip
              Thursday: Rock Lab
              Friday: Rock Lab/ Complete comic strip/ Rock Cycle Packet

Week 8: (10/17-10/21)
             Monday: Rock Cycle packet
             Tuesday: Rock Cycle Lab
             Wednesday: Comic Strip Due/ Rock Cycle packet due/ Rock cycle questions due
             Thursday: Rock Cycle Test
              Friday: Begin Plate Tectonics

Week 9: (10/24-10/28)
              Monday: Plate Tectonic Notes
              Tuesday: Plate Tectonic notes/Video
              Wednesday: Plate Tectonics WebQuest
               Thursday: Plate Tectonic Notes
              Friday: Plate Tectonics Lab

Week 10: (10/31-11/4) 11/1 Last Day of Marking Period
              Monday: Plate Tectonic notes: Brine lake video (SO COOL!!!)/ Quiz on Friday
              Tuesday: Ring of Fire
              Wednesday: Plate Tectonic Notes
              Thursday: Evidence of plate tectonics notes
              Friday: Evidence of plate tectonics quiz
Week 11: (11/7-11/11)
            Monday: Plate Tectonics Packet (I was absent, I apologize)
            Tuesday: Complete plate tectonic notes/packet (Quiz moved to Wednesday)
            Wednesday: Quiz on D5
            Thursday: Test Review
            Friday: Plate Tectonics Test

Week 12: (11/14-11/18)
           Monday: Begin Earthquake Notes/ Test Next Tuesday
           Tuesday: Substitute: Work on Earthquake Study Guide
           Wednesday: Earthquake Notes/ Vocabulary
           Thursday: Earthquake Notes/ Review
           Friday: Earthquake Notes/ Review/ Vocab Quiz

Week 13: (11/21-11/23)
          Monday: Test Review (Earthquakes)
          Tuesday: Test on earthquakes
          Wednesday: Intro to volcanoes

Week 14: (11/29-12/2)
         Tuesday: Begin Volcano Notes/ Study Guide (Test next Tuesday)
         Wednesday: Volcano notes/ Study Guide
         Thursday:Volcano Activity
         Friday: Volcano Activity/ Complete study guide/ Review

Week 15: (12/5-12/9)
        Monday: Ocean currents WS 
                         Test Tomorrow on Volcanoes
       Tuesday: Test
       Wednesday: Oceans Notes
       Thursday: Oceans notes/ Project intro
       Friday: Working on project 

Week 16: (12/12-12/16)
        Monday: Ocean Notes
        Tuesday: Ocean Zone project (Due Jan. 3)
        Wednesday: Finish Ocean notes
        Thursday-Friday: Ocean Project 

Week 17: (12/19-12/23)
        Monday: Complete Study Guide
        Tuesday: Study Guide review
        Wednesday: Test on Oceans
        Thursday: Video/ Questions
        Friday: Video/ Questions (Project Due Jan 3rd)

Week 18: (1/3-1/6)
        Tuesday: Presentations
        Wednesdays: Presentations
        Thursday: Begin Weather Unit
        Friday: Weather Notes

Week 19: (1/9-1/13)
       Monday: Layers of atmosphere poster
        Tuesday: Work of Study guide for mid term
        Wednesday: Notes
        Thursday: Mid term review
        Friday: Mid term

Week 20: (1/16-1/20)
       Monday: No School
        Tuesday: MIdterm review
        Wednesday: Midterm
        Thursday: Layers of atmosphere notes/Weather notes (Layers Quiz Tom)

        Friday: Layers of the atmosphere quiz( Moved to Tuesday)

Week 21: (1/23-1/27)
       Monday: Layers of the atmosphere notes/ Heat transfer WS
       Tuesday: Layers of atmosphere quiz/ notes/ Critical thinking
       Wednesday: Atmosphere/ Weather notes/ Critical thinking packet
       Thursday: Continue notes: Begin working on Study guide
       Friday:  Weather notes

Week 22: (1/30- 2/3)
       Monday: Critical thinking questions/ Review material/ Test next Tuesday
       Tuesday: Snow Day       
       Wednesday: Complete critical thinking questions
       Thursday: Review critical thinking questions/ Crossword and cryptogram study material
       Friday: Complete critical thinking question review/ Complete study guide for review on monday
Week 23 (2/6-2/10)
      Monday: Study guide review/Test tomorrow
      Tuesday: Test on Layers of atmosphere and climate
      Wednesday: Layers of atmosphere and climate packets due for review
      Thursday: Begin moisture in the atmosphere notes
      Friday: Moisture in the atmosphere notes/ Water cycle
Week 24 (2/13-2/16)
 Monday: Weather blog/ Moisture in the Atm. Notes/ Clouds packet
Tuesday: Weather blog/ Moisture in the Atm notes/ Clouds packet
Wednesday: Weather blog/ Moisture in the Atm notes/ Clouds packet
Thursday: Weather blog/ moisture in the atm notes/ What is weather?

Week 25( 2/21-2/24)
Tuesday: Weather blog/ What is the water cycle handout/ P. 479-510 #1,10,17,18,19,21,22 Test Next Friday
Wednesday: Weather Blog/  Air mass notes/ Clouds: what they mean packet
Thursday: Weather Blog/  Air mass notes/ Clouds: what they mean packet
Friday: Review Clouds packet/ Test next Friday

Week 26: (2/27-3/3)
Monday: Air Masses notes and  Handout/ Work on Study guide
Tuesday: Air masses handout/ Work on Study guide
Wednesday: Weather systems notes/ Handout
Thursday: Weather systems notes/ Review Study guide
Friday:  Test

Week 27: (3/6-3/10)
Monday:  Intro to climate change/ Pre-Quiz/ Climate Change notes
Tuesday: Climate Change Article and response questions/Venn Diagram
Wednesday: Climate Change notes/ Climate Change Article and response questions/Venn Diagram
Thursday: Climate change project introduced/ Due 3/17
Friday: Inconvenient Truth

Week 28: (3/13-3/17)
Monday: Research Project

Week 29: (3/20-3/24)
Monday: Global warming essay Due Thursday/ Test Next Weds
Tuesday: Global warming essay due Thursday/ Test Next Weds
Wednesday: Greenhouse Earth notes
Thursday: Essay due/ Presentations
Friday: Finish Greenhouse Earth

Week 30: (3/27-3/31)
Monday: Complete work packets/ SG
Tuesday: SG review
Wednesday: Test
Thursday: Six Degrees could change the world/Q's
Friday: Six degrees could change the world/Q's

Week 31: (4/3-4/7)
Monday: Ch. 21 p. 622 #1-23 Due weds
Tuesday: Complete Six degrees video questions due Wednesday
Wednesday: Astronomy Notes
Thursday: Astronomy notes/ Project
Friday: Project

Week 32: (4/10-4/13)
Monday: Finish moon conspiracy/ Big bang notes/ Space race WS Due Tomorrow
Tuesday: Space race WS due/ Notes/ Astronomy SG
Wednesday: Notes/ Astronomy SG
Thursday: Notes/ Sun Packet

Week 33: (4/17-4/21)
Monday: How Earth was created
Tuesday: How Earth was created
Wednesday: Moon and earth packet
Thursday: Research in library
Friday; Planting

Week 34: (4/24-4/28)
Monday-Weds: Moon phase and tides project
Thursday: Astronomy notes
Friday: Astronomy notes

 Week 35: (5/1-5/5)
Monday: Tides project
Tuesday: Case Study
Wednesday: Astronomy notes
Thursday: Tides Project
Friday: Astronomy notes

Week 36: (5/8-5/12)
Monday: Complete moon phases and tide project e-mail to me
Tuesday: Atmosphere notes
Wednesday: Atmosphere notes/ Study guide/ Test Next Wednesday
Thursday: Notes/ Study Guide
Friday: Study Guide

Week 37: (5/15-5/19)
Monday: Finish Sun Notes/ Sun review packet ( test Wednesday)
Tuesday: Study Guide Review
Wednesday: Test
Thursday and Friday: The 11th Hour worksheet and documentary

Week 38: (5/22-5/26)
Monday: Study Guides
Tuesday: Study Guides
Wednesday-Thursday: Constellation Project
Friday: Final Review (Tuesday)

Week 39: (5/30-5/31)
Tuesday: Final
Wednesday: Video (have a nice summer)


Welcome Back!

Week 1: Classroom Rules and Expectations (return by end of week)
     Helpful Link:

Chapter 1: The Genetic Code of genes and genomes
                    -Begin Notes
                    -Chapter Summary Guide handout

Week 2: CHapter 1 Continued
               DNA structure Lab

week 3: Ch. 1 Quiz Tuesday
              Continue Chapter 1 
              Biological Prefixes (Study on own for quiz next Tuesday (9/19)
week 4: Monday(CH. 1 Notes/ Questions)
              Tuesday (Ch. 1 Notes/ Test Review)
              Wednesday (Ch. 1 Test)
              Thursday (Begin Ch. 2 notes/ handout)
              Friday (Speaking Greek Quiz)

Week 5:(9/26-9/30) Progress Reports
              Monday: Continue Mendelian Genetics
              Tuesday: Mendel cont./ Handout
              Wednesday: Kangaroos can's hop backwards
              Thursday: Mendel/Punnett Squares
               Friday: Prefix/Suffix Quiz Page 2

Week 6: (10/3- 10/7)
        Monday: Prefix/Suffix Quiz
       Tuesday: Hardy-Weinberg Lesson/Problems/ Go over WS
       Wednesday: Mendel PPT
       Thursday: Mendel PPT
       Friday: Blood Typing Lab Cont.

Week 7: (10/10-10/14)
            Monday: No school
            Tuesday: Mendel Notes/ Work Make-up
            Wednesday: Prefix-Suffix Quiz page 3/ Blood Typing Lab due
            Thursday: Research for presentations
            Friday: Lab day

Week 8: (10/17-10/21)
           Monday: Biotech Career Research( Due Friday)
           Tuesday: Fruit fly sexing an separation
           Wednesday: Biotech Career research (due Friday)
           Thursday: Biotech Career research (Due Friday)
           Friday: Biotech Career Presentation

Week 9: (10/24-10/28)
            Monday: Presentations
            Tuesday: Presentations
            Wednesday: Drosophila Lab Creating F2 Generation
            Thursday: Chromosomal Basis of Heredity Notes
            Friday: Notes Continued

Week 10: (10/31-11/4) 11/1 Last Day of Marking Period
            Monday: Prefix suffix quiz #5, Genome structure notes
            Tuesday:Bioethics Articles and responses
            Wednesday: Fruit Fly lab
            Thursday: Bioethics Articles and responses
            Friday: Bioethics discussion
Week 11: (11/7-11/11)
          Monday: Lab questions and Punnett Squares
          Tuesday: Fruit Fly/ Chi Square/ Notes
          Wednesday: Fruit Fly/ Chi Square
          Thursday: Fruit Fly/ Test review
           Friday: Test

Week 12: (11/14-11/18)
          Monday: Finish Mitosis/Meiosis (Test Friday)
          Tuesday: Substitute: Count flies/Kill off male flies
          Wednesday: Chi Square Lesson and review
          Thursday: FLIES!!
           Friday: Chi square review

Week 13: (11/21-11/23)
          Monday: Miss B forgot test at get an extra review day!
          Tuesday: Test
          Wednesday: Mini Lab

Week 14: (11/29- 12/2)
         Tuesday: fruit fly count of F2/ continue working on lab
        Wednesday-Friday: Gene linkage notes/ fruit flies if needed

Week 15: (12/5-12/9)
         Monday: Human Chromosome and behavior WS
         Tuesday: Human Chromosome Notes
         Wednesday: Human chromosome Notes
         Thursday: Human Chromosome Quiz
         Friday: Lab

Week 16: (12/12-12/16)
         Monday: Notes
         Tuesday-Wednesday: Micropipette Lab
         Thursday: Finish Notes
         Friday: Work on Project (due 12/22)

Week 17: (12/19-12/23)
        Monday: Review
        Tuesday: Test
        Wednesday: Research in library
        Thursday: Presentations
        Friday: Presentations

Week 18: (1/3-1/6)
       Tuesday: Bacteria and Viruses Notes/ Case Study Handout (Due Friday)
       Wednesday:  Bacteria and Viruses Notes/ Case Study Handout
       Thursday:  Bacteria and Viruses Notes/ Case Study Handout
       Friday:  Bacteria and Viruses Notes/ Case Study Handout (Due today)

Week 19: (1/9-1/13)
      Monday: Notes/ Case Study
        Tuesday: Study Guide/ Case study due
        Wednesday: Notes 
        Thursday: Midterm review
        Friday: Mid-term

Week 20: (1/16-1/20
       Monday: No School
        Tuesday: Midterm review
        Wednesday: Midterm
        Thursday: Bacterium/Phage notes (Quiz Tues) Shapes of bacteria WS

        Friday: History in the making

Week 21: (1/23-1/27)
         Monday: Quiz review
         Tuesday: Bacteria Quiz
         Wednesday: Lab Day
          Thursday: Lab questions and full write up
          Friday: Review labs

Week 22: (1/30-2/3)
    Monday: Formal lab write up in library Due Tuesday Feb. 7th
         Tuesday: Snow day
         Wednesday: Formal lab write up in library Due Tuesday Feb. 7th
          Thursday: Begin Biotechnology
          Friday: Case study

Week 23: (2/6-2/10)
      Monday: Intro to biotechnology notes
      Tuesday: Gel preparation for lab
      Wednesday: Prepare and Run DNA gel
       Thursday: Analyze gel and solve the crime!
       Friday: Biotech notes/ P. 20 #1-4

Week 24: (2/13-2/16)
Monday: Biotech notes/discussion/ Test Thursday
Tuesday: Biotech notes/ Salmon article and discussion
Wednesday: Biotech notes/ Test review
Thursday: Test (Extra credit to see who reads this! Give me one example of biotechnology you encounter in your everyday life)
Week 25: (2/21-2/24)

Tuesday: Ted Talk (Microbes) Microbe notes/ Discussion
Wednesday: Microbe notes/ Discussion
Thursday: ELISA Lab
Friday: Continue ELISA lab

Week 26: (2/27-3/3)
Monday: ELISA Lab questions Due by end of class
Tuesday: Microbial Biotechnology notes
Wednesday: Microbial Biotech notes/ Case study
Thursday: Microbial biotech notes/ Discuss case study
Friday: Death Boat Forensic Case/ Due next Wednesday

Week 27: (3/6-3/10)
Monday: Building a better brew online activity/ Chapter 5 Notes/ Test next Tuesday
Tuesday: Chapter 5 Notes/ Ethical Issues
Wednesday: Chapter 5 Notes/ Review questions
Thursday: P-Glo Lab
Friday: Case Study

Week 28: (3/13-3/17)
Monday: Finish Chapter 5 Notes/ Case study due

Week 29: (3/20-3/24)
Monday: Case Study Due ext./ P. 134 #1-6 in Biotech books/ Test Thurs.
Tuesday:  Questions Due./ Work on Study Guide
Wednesday: Review
Thursday: Ch. 5 Test
Friday: Ch. 5 Test/ Case Study

Week 30: (3/27-3/31)
Monday: Case Study/ Animals in biotech
Tuesday: Chapter 7 Notes/ Discussion
Wednesday: Chapter 7 Notes
Thursday-Friday: pGlo Lab

Week 31: (4/3-4/7)
Monday: Critical reading due Wednesday
Tuesday: pGlo lab
Wednesday: Animals in biotech notes
Thursday: pGlo lab and write up due next Tuesday
Friday: Notes/ work on lab

Week 32: (4/10-4/13)
Monday: Animals in biotech notes/ Dolly Video
Tuesday: Animals in biotech notes/ Fungi bio remediation
Wednesday: Animals in biotech notes/ Case Study
Thursday: Discuss case Study/ Animals in biotech notes

Week 33: (4/17-4/21)
Monday: animals in biotech/ Case study
Tuesday: Animals in biotechnology
Wednesday: Reading a scholarly article with summation
Thursday: Complete article and summary Test next wednesday
Friday: Planting

Week 34: (4/24-4/28)
Monday: Study Guide  Part 1 Test Friday
Tuesday: Study Guide Part 2 Test Friday
Wednesday: Finish study guides
Thursday: Study Guide review
Friday: Test

Week 35: (5/1-5/5)
Monday: Forensics Vocab
Tuesday: Case study
Wednesday:Forensics notes
Thursday: Forensics notes
Friday: Lab Day

Week 36: (5/8-5/12)
Monday: GMO lab observations/ Finish forensics notes/ Test next Monday
Tuesday: Forensics video
Wednesday: Case Study
Thursday:Forensics study guide
Friday: Study guide review

Week 37: (5/15-5/19)
Monday: Test
Tuesday: Study Guide
Wednesday: Study Guide
Thursday: Final Review
Friday: Final

Week 38: (5/22-5/26)
Monday: No class
Tuesday: Case study ( I am proctoring keystones)
Wednesday; Case study review and discussion
Thursday-Friday: Lab Days

Week 39: (5/30-5/31)
Tuesday: No Class
Wednesday: Video (have a nice summer)

Environmental Science

Welcome Back!

Week 1: Classroom rules and expectations (return by end of week signed)
              Chapter 1 Vocabulary
              Chapter 1 Notes Ecosystems and the Environment
               Begin working on Homework (Due day of test)
               Begin Working on Study Guide

Week 2:
               Test Wednesday (9/7)
               Review Tuesday (9/6) Have Study Guides Completed
               Homework Due (9/7)
               Begin Chapter 2
               Chapter 2 Vocabulary

Week 3: Chapter 2 Notes
              Decomposition Lab
              Be working on Study Guide/Homework

Week 4: Test Next Tuesday SG Due nxt Monday/ HW due day of test
               Monday: Ch. 2 Notes Symbiosis (SG/HW)
              Tuesday: Ch. 2 Notes Food Web/ Handout (SG/HW)
              Wednesday: Ch. 2 Notes PA Flowing water handout
              Thursday: Finish Ch. 2 Notes/ Hand in flowing water WS
              Friday: SG/ HW/ Gasland

Week 5:(9/26-9/30) Progress Reports
             Monday: SG Review
             Tuesday: Test Day Ch. 2/ Homework Due
             Wednesday: Write the word "Pinecone" on your test for extra credit
             Thursday: Vocabulary
             Friday: Intro to CH. 3

Week 6: (10/3- 10/7)
         Monday: Begin Ch. 3 Notes/SG/HW
         Tuesday: Ch.3 Notes/SG/HW
         Wednesday: Ch.3 Notes/ Woodlot Act
         Thursday: Woodlot Completion
         Friday: Ch. 3 Notes/ SG/HW/ Kangaroo Boxing

Week 7: (10/10-10/14)
            Monday: No school
            Tuesday: Woodlot Activity
            Wednesday: Woodlot activity Part 2
            Thursday: Study guide review (checking study guide and vocabulary)
            Friday: Test on Ch. 3 Succession (Homework due)

Week 8: (10/17-10/21)
           Monday: Test/ Ch. 4 Intro
           Tuesday: Vocabulary/ Chapter 4 Notes
           Wednesday: Chapter 4 Notes "Cycles"
           Thursday: Chapter 4 Notes
           Friday: Cycles Lab
Week 9: (10/24-10/28)
          Monday: Nutrient Cycles Notes
          Tuesday: Nutrient Cycles/ Diagram
         Wednesday: Decomp Lab
          Thursday: Nutrient Notes/HW/SG (Test Tuesday)
         Friday: Nutrient Cycles notes/ Diagrams/ HW/ SG

Week 10: (10/31-11/4) 11/1 Last Day of Marking Period
         Monday: Study guide review
        Tuesday: Conserving America: The wetlands
        Wednesday: Chapter 4 Test/ Homework Due
        Thursday: Decomposition Lab
        Friday: CHapter 5 Vocab/ Introduction
 Week 11: (11/7-11/11)
        Monday: Complete Racing extinction
        Tuesday: Receive research project rubric( Due 11/16) Ch. 5 Notes
        Wednesday: Ch. 5 Notes
        Thursday: Project Research
        Friday: Project Research

Week 12: (11/14-11/18)
        Monday: Work on project (Due Thursday)
        Tuesday: Substitute: Work on Project
        Wednesday: Complete projects
        Thursday: Project presentations
        Friday: Chapter 5 Notes
Week 13: (11/21-11/23)
        Monday: Ch. 5 Notes
        Tuesday: Ch. 5 Notes/Wildlife Mgmt. Reading/Q's
        Wednesday: Wildlife mgmt q's/discussion
Week 14: (11/29-12/2)
       Tuesday: Ch. 5 notes/Test next Tuesday Study Guide due Monday/ Homework due Tuesday
       Wednesday: Ch. 5 notes/ Wildlife Management Questions and research
       Thursday:  Ch. 5 notes/ Wildlife Management Questions and research
       Friday: Discussion/ SG and HW

Week 15: (12/5-12/9)
      Monday: SG check and review (Test Tom)
      Tuesday: HW Due/Test Day
      Wednesday: Ch. 6 Vocab
      Thursday: CH. 6 Notes
      Friday: Ch. 6 Notes

Week 16: (12/12-12/16)
      Monday-Wednesday: CH. 6 Notes (Test Tuesday 12/20)
      Thursday: Climatogram Practice
      Friday: Critter report

Week 17: (12/19-12/23)
     Monday: SG Review
     Tuesday: Test/HW due
     Wednesday: Inconvenient Truth
     Thursday: video/Q's
     Friday: Video/ Q's

Week 18: (1/3-1/6)
    Tuesday: Desert Biome Notes/ CH. 7-9 Vocab
    Wednesday: Desert biome notes/ SG/ Test next Weds. HW due day of Test
    Thursday: Desert Biome notes/SG
    Friday: Desert Biome notes/ SG

Week 19: (1/9-1/13)
       Monday: Complete Ch. 7 Notes
        Tuesday: Study Guide handout
        Wednesday: Ch. 8 Notes
        Thursday: Mid term review
        Friday: Mid-term

Week 20: (1/16-1/20)
       Monday: No school
        Tuesday: Midterm review
        Wednesday: Midterm
        Thursday: Ch. 8 Arctic notes

        Friday: Ch. 8 Arctic notes/ Handout

Week 21: (1/23-1/27)
         Monday: Ch. 8 Notes/ Biome map
         Tuesday: Ch. 8 notes/ Biome map/Study guide
         Wednesday: Complete Ch. 8 Notes and study guide
         Thursday: Chapter 9 notes
         Friday: Continues Ch. 9 Notes/ Study guide

Week 22: (1/30-2/3)
        Monday: Waters at risk reading and write up
        Tuesday: Snow Day
        Wednesday: Ch. 8 study guide check and review/ Begin CH. 9 Notes (Grasslands) Test Wednesday Feb. 8th
        Thursday: Grasslands notes begin working on study guide
         Friday: Grasslands notes/ Work on study guide

Week 23: (2/6-2/10)
        Monday: Finish Ch. 9 Notes
        Tuesday: Study guide review/ Test moved to Thursday
        Wednesday: Data delay/ Kahoot
        Thursday: Ch. 7-9 Test/ Homework due
        Friday: Begin CH. 10 notes/ Ch. 10-11 vocabulary

Week 24 (2/13-2/2/16)
        Monday: Vocabulary for CH. 10-11
       Tuesday: Complete vocab/ HW review/ CH. 10 notes/SG
      Wednesday:  CH. 10 Notes/ begin working on SG
      Thursday: Ch. 10 Notes/ begin working on SG

Week 25 (2/21-2/24)
Tuesday: Great Backyard Bird Count
Wednesday: Chapter 10 Notes
Thursday: Chapter 10 Notes/ Study guide
Friday: Finish Chapter 10 notes/ Complete Study guide Will be checked Monday

Week 26: (2/27-3/3)\
Monday: Check and review Ch. 10 Study guide (Test Friday Ch. 10-11)
Tuesday: Ch. 11 Notes/ Work on Study guide/ HW
Wednesday:Ch. 11 Notes/ Work on Study guide/ HW
Thursday: Ch. 11 Notes/ Study guide review/ Test tomorrow Homework due tomorrow
Friday: Test/ Homework due

Week 27: (3/6-3/10)
Monday: Homework Check/ Chapter 12-13 vocabulary/ receive chapter 12 materials
Tuesday: Chapter 12 Notes
Wednesday:Chapter 12 Notes/Study Guide
Thursday: Chapter 12 Notes/ Study Guide
Friday:  Abiotic Factors Lab

Week 28: (3/13-3/17)
Monday: Finish Ch. 12 Notes/Study Guide

Week 29: (3/20-3/24)
Monday: Chapter 13 Notes/ Polluted body of water research/essay/ Test Friday (12-13)
Tuesday: Chapter 13 Notes/ SG/ Test Next Weds
Wednesday: Chapter 13 notes/ SG
Thursday: Ch. 13 Notes/ SG
Friday: Ch. 13 Notes/ SG

Week 30: (3/27-3/31)
Monday: Test Wednesday/ Finish Ch. 13 Notes/ Please don't forget soda bottle for lab along with 4 filtration mediums
Tuesday: Study Guide review/ Test tomorrow (Homework and crossword due)
Wednesday: Test
Thursday: Pre-Lab discussion and prep. Chapter 14 Vocab
Friday: Water filtration Lab 

Week 31: (4/3-4/7)
Monday: Estuaries reading due Wednesday
Tuesday: Indoor stream survey due Wednesday
Wednesday: Chapter 14 notes/ Vocab
Thursday: 14 notes/ SG
Friday: 14 notes/ SG

Week 32: (4/10-4/130
Monday: Finish waterworld/ Ch 14 notes
Tuesday: Ch. 14 notes/ SG
Wednesday: Ch. 14 Notes/ SG
Thursday: Active reading

week 33: (4/17-4/21)
MOnday: Chapter 14 notes/ Test Thursday
Tuesday: Ch. 14 Notes/ SG
Wednesday: Review
Thursday: Test HW due
Friday: Planting

Week 34: (4/24-4/28)
Monday: Chapter 15 Vocabulary
Tuesday: Hi Mason: Water Pollution Case Study
Wednesday: Water pollution case study
Thursday: Chapter 15 notes
Friday: Chapter 15 notes

Week 35: (5/1-5/5)
Monday: Chapter 15 Notes (test Friday)
Tuesday: Case Study
Wednesday:Finish Chapter 15 Notes( Study Guide)
Thursday: Study Guide review Test tomorrow (Homework Due)
Friday: Test

Week 36: (5/8-5/12)
Monday: Planting/ Chapter 16/17 vocab
Tuesday: Chapter 16 Notes/ SG
Wednesday: Chapter 16 Notes/SG/HW
Thursday: Chapter 17 Notes/ SG
Friday: Chapter 17 notes/ SG

Week 37: (5/15-5/19)
Monday: Study Guide
Tuesday: Study Guide
Wednesday: Study Guide Final review
Thursday: Final (Seniors 1st Pd)
Friday: 11th hour documentary/ worksheet

Week 38: (5/22-5/26)
Monday: Final (pd. 6)
Tuesday: Weather Permitting ( Stream)
Wednesday: Outdoor activity
Thursday: Finals (1st) 6th: Carrying capacity activity
Friday: Project Wild

Week 39: (5/30-5/31)
Tuesday: 1st pd no class. 6th Pd. Poisonous plant Identification
Wednesday: Video (Have a nice summer)


Welcome back!

Week one: Classroom rules and expectations (Return by end of week)
                  Safety Contract (Return by end of week)
                  Review lab safety-quiz following
                  Safety Poster-Complete with a partner
                  News article review and discussion
                  Mystery Box Lab/ Handout
                  Corresponding Notes to each section

Week 2: Scientific Method Notes
              Mystery Box Lab
Week 3: Complete Unit 1. Test Thursday
Week 4. Monday: Begin Ecology Unit/ Mars Pamphlet
              Tuesday: Ecology notes/ Energy Flow
              Wednesday: Population Growth/ WS
              Thursday: Food Web Poster
               Friday: Begin Cycles of Matter

Week 5:(9/26-9/30) Progress Reports
             Monday: Populatin Act.
             Tuesday: Notes on Ecology
             Wednesday:Review for test
             Thursday: Test Day
             Friday: Metabolism Unit Begin

Week 6: (10/3- 10/7)
              Monday: Metabolism Notes
              Tuesday: Fermentation Lab
              Wednesday: Metabolism Graphic organizer/Quiz
              Thursday: Lab
              Friday: Test

Week 7: (10/10-10/14)
             Monday: No school
             Tuesday: Notes on Bohr Model
             Wednesday: Study Island
             Thursday: Periodic Table
              Friday: Lab

Week 8: (10/17-10/21)
            Monday: What is water? Osmosis notes/ Lab
            Tuesday: Osmosis notes/ Test Review
            Wednesday: Test Day
            Thursday: Study Island/ Keystone Prep
            Friday: Macromolecules notes

Week 9: (10/24-10/28)
           Monday: Cells notes/ Macromolecule Menu
           Tuesday: Cells notes/ Cell Comic
           Wednesday: Study Island/ Kahoot
           Thursday: Cell Parts notes
           Friday: Cell parts notes

Week 10: (10/31-11/4) 11/1 Last Day of Marking Period
          Monday: Plant/ Animal cell round robin
          Tuesday: CELLS! CELLS! CELLS!
          Wednesday: wifi Wednesday: Study Island/KAhoot
          Thursday: Cells lab
          Friday: Mitosis Notes

Week 11: (11/7-11/11)
          Monday: Cells Review
          Tuesday: Mitosis Notes/ Cell model rubric Due 11/15
          Wednesday: Keystone Prep
          Thursday: Work on Projects/ Keystone Prep
          Friday: Cells Test

Week 12: (11/14-11/18)
          Monday: Keystone prep/review
          Tuesday: Cell Project due/ Presentations
          Wednesday-Friday: Sprint to the finish review

Week 13: (11/21-11/23)
          Monday-Wednesday: Keystone Prep

Week 14: (11/29-12/2)
            Keystone prep

Week 15: (12/5-12/9)
          Monday: Movie
          Tuesday: Discussion
          Wednesday:Meiosis notes
          Thursday: Sexual/Asexual reproduction notes
          Friday: Mendel Traits Notes
Week 16: (12/12-12/16)
          Monday: Meiosis notes
          Tuesday: Meiosis notes( Big book of Mendel)
          Wednesday: Punnet Square notes (Big book of Mendel)
          Thursday: Punnet Square Notes (Big book of Mendel)
          Friday: Punnet square practice ( Test Tues)

Week 17: (12/19-12/12/23)
          Monday: review/ Kahoot/ Genetics in pop culture
          Tuesday: Test Day
          Wednesday: DNA lab
          Thursday: Video/ Q's
          Friday: Video/ Q's

Week 18: (1/3-1/6)
         Tuesday: Gene tech and human applications notes/ Letter to senator
         Wednesday: Learn Genetics Inquiry (Laptops)/ Letter to senator
         Thursday: Learn Genetics Inquiry ( Laptops)/ Peer grading of letter to senator
         Friday: History of life on earth notes
Week 19: (1/9-1/13)
       Monday: Notes
        Tuesday: No class
        Wednesday: Notes on evo
        Thursday: Mid term review
        Friday: Mid term